SpyStream 2.0 by Rack InfoTech (Rohan & Harshal) Review – Brand New WEB App Reveals The Hidden Reasons Your Visitors Aren’t Subscribing and Buying

By | 11/23/2017

SpyStream 2.0 by Rack InfoTech (Rohan & Harshal) Review – Brand New WEB App Reveals The Hidden Reasons Your Visitors Aren’t Subscribing and Buying

SpyStream is the Proven software to reveal specific visitor behavior like needs and intent by recording video sessions that you, the website owner, can play back and watch. You will be able to see exactly where and how the visitor moves their mouse and behaves on your site anywhere and at anytime.

SpyStream 2.0 is an advanced application that reveals the hidden reasons your visitors aren’t taking action, so you can quickly turn your website into a list building, money-making machine. SpyStream is based on proven technology that’s influenced millions of dollars for some of the biggest sites in the world including drastically improving our OWN campaigns fast. And with this new Update 2.0 SpyStream is able to track any website on the web. You know SEO is the proven technique which works, everyone including you search on google, means this is the biggest source of Traffic, and most important its FREE.


SpyStream 2.0 Review

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SpyStream 2.0 by Rack InfoTech (Rohan & Harshal) Review – Brand New WEB App Reveals The Hidden Reasons Your Visitors Aren’t Subscribing and Buying

SpyStream 2.0 Steps :

  • Step #1 – Install the SpyStream 2.0 Tracking Pixel on Your Site/Landing Page
  • Step #2 – Watch the real time video recordings of your visitors, heatmap of clicks, and how they interact with your website. Also visitors country, device, operating system
  • Step #3 – Instantly see what you need to optimize, remove or simply switch around on your websites to get visitors to take action

Make smart, profitable changes with SpyStream 2.0 :

  • Record Video Sessions Of Every Visitors – Watch real, recorded video sessions of users interacting with your site/Landing Pages to move important content, forms, links and buttons into your site’s hidden hot spots…and enjoy more optins and sales.
  • Optimize Heatclick Technology – Use heatclick technology to replace buttons, images, links and forms that aren’t getting clicked, and watch your CTR skyrocket… no more random split testing.
  • Advance Video Session Analytics – View video sessions and track analytics anytime, across any page to see what’s distracting your visitors from taking action.
  • Pin Point Tracker – Watch in real time to pinpoint the exact place where people stop scrolling, and stop reading. Replace or remove these sales-killing bottlenecks in seconds.
  • Find What Visitors Are Looking For – See what information your visitors are searching for (but aren’t getting) on your landing pages. Move that content to your landing pages and keep people focused on your message.
  • Trending Keyword Finders – Know what content to create or optimize by seeing top search phrases & traffic from all major search engines.
  • Detailed Visitors Analytics – Know exactly WHO your visitors are by seeing GeoIP addresses, their country, operating system, & even visits per day
  • Know Where Your Traffic Is Coming From – Know why specifically visitors even come to your site and what keywords & domains are referring them?
  • Bird Eye View Of Your Funnel – Add Unlimited Sales Funnels in SpyStream 2.0 and Get a Bird Eye View of Stats of Entire Funnel and How Visitors are moving from start to last.
  • Advanced Heatmap & Funnel Visualization Technology – Plus Get access to easy to use tools in Funnel view such as Heatmap, Video Sessions to see what’s causing issues in funnel conversions and improve conversions.

And FAR MORE …….

  • Runs on Any Site/ landing Page builder/ CMS/ Ecommerce Site/Any Webapp you own – Push-button install on any Site you own. Doesn’t matter where and How the Site Created in. Be it a any Website Builder, CMS, Any Page Builder or Ecom Site. You can also install SpyStream on your Web app(Product) So you get to see how users are reacting on your app. SpyStream 2.0 Captures Entir Visitors Sessions everywhere.
  • Real Time – See exactly how your visitors interact with your website in real time
  • Funnel Visualization – Add and Visualize Entire Funnels and get quick access to Important tools for faster Improvements on your Funnel pages.
  • Beyond Analytics – Google Analytics shows how people found your website, SpyStream 2.0 shows what they’re looking for when they arrive
  • Pro Technology – The same heat map technology used by enterprise companies to track visitor behavior, but at a fraction of the price (one-time)
  • Beyond Heatmaps – Analyze your top pages, feeds, entry pages and exit pages to uncover the content your visitors are looking for, how they navigate your site, and the bottlenecks that are making them leave.
  • Schedule your sessions – Schedule where and when to run SpyStream
  • No monthly costs or contracts – Pay once, profit for life.
  • No bandwidth restrictions – Run as many experiments as you need, whenever you want

SpyStream 2.0 Review

SpyStream 2.0 Review

SpyStream 2.0 Related Product (OTO/Upsell/Upgrade) :

Then what are you waiting for?

SpyStream 2.0 by Rack InfoTech (Rohan & Harshal) is an Amazing product. It’s a very good product and Top seller today from JVZoo.

This review intends to reveal how SpyStream 2.0 by Rack InfoTech (Rohan & Harshal) works. We recommend you to purchase it. This Product include a 30-day Money Back Guarantee Policy. For further information you can check directly to the vendor website by pointing and clicking the link below. Get it Now !!!

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